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Jost, Kenneth. “Gay Marriage Showdowns”

CQ Researcher, 26 Sept. 2008: 769-92. Web. 13 Feb. 2013.

Jost goes into great detail from every perspective on the issue of same sex marriages across the nation. Taking a look into the validation of the arguments that those for it and those against it present. Focusing mainly on the victory California Supreme Court granted by giving same-sex couples the same marriage rights of opposite sex couples. Therefore making it possible for same sex couple’s to get married within the sate of California. But after some much backlash from other states they decided to rectify their decision with the proposal of amendment one. Looking over the facts and figure Jost proved within his article I found his in formation to be extremely supportive of his work. The information provided by Jost helps to put in perspective of how equal rights aren’t equal at all.

Kurdek, Lawrence A. ”Are Gay And Lesbian Cohabitating Couples Really Different from Heterosexual Married Couples?”

Journal of Marriage and Family, Vol.66, No.4 (Nov., 2004), pp.880 -900

Kurdek compares the daily lives and home environments of heterosexual married couples to those of homosexual cohabitating couples to identify if there are any similarities. Once Kurdek began go in to the homes of his participating families and observe the daily lives of homosexual and heterosexual families Kurdek noticed a great deal of similarity within each household. A few of the key things that Kurdek noticed to be the same in both heterosexual and homosexual, functionality of family unite, communications kills, and the overall well being of the children. After Kurdek completed his research, he came to the conclusion that homosexual households seemed function better than heterosexual ones because there is not a stigma associated with what things the male or female should do…...

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