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Mr. Timothy Roger the President and CEO of Scarlet hospital is well aware of the future challenges that the hospital will face. The highway between Walnut Grove and Salem a bigger city will improve connectivity and benefit the common man ironically will have a blow to Scarlet’s business. Timothy was predictive of the big player’s interest over the Walnut Grove after the new highway project. He had more concern over the shift in the preference of patients after the highway to a hospital in bigger city.
He understood about future challenges and began to work along with his employees in developing strategies to implement in Walnut Grove before six months of highway inauguration. New highway will provide more access to the more hospitals in, the bigger city. After the announcement of highway plan, Timothy immediately arranged for a meeting with the senior management to discuss the future challenges. He emphasized the management to develop effective strategies to face the tough competition in the future. He was demanding for strategy that will control the out-shopping threats before one year of highway inauguration.
Such prior intimation about the future scenario enabled the management team to develop effective marketing strategy for the hospital prior to 6 months of inauguration. There was the drastic increase in the advertisement through newspaper and increase in number of billboards. Before three months of inauguration, hospital began to advertise about their quality of service to people through radio that they never did before. Advertisement emphasized about the quality of service and future improvement in the service to the people. There was more emphasis on aggressive marketing and advertisement plan in order to face the completion.
Scarlet Hospital is well prepared to face the competition post highway inauguration. Scarlet Hospital has deployed their senior…...

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