Strategic Approaches for Global Events

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25. 1.2012

Outline Introduction……………………………………………..i
Background information……………………………….ii
Findings, Results and analysis………………………..iv
External environment analysis…………………………v
PESTLE analysis……………………………………… • Political factors • Economic factors • Social and cultural factors • Technological factors • Legal factors • Environmental factors
The competitive external environment…………………………vii

• Strengths • Weaknesses • Opportunities • Threats
Porters’ five forces tool • Supplier power • Buyer power • Competitive rivalry • Threat of substitution • Threat of new entry
Internal environment analysis………………………………..viii
Key success factors…………………………………………..ix
Analysis of recommendations and conclusion………………x • Ansoff matrix •

Introduction Many global events like the Rugby world cup, an international trade fair etc are conducted in areas near us but few of us usually take into consideration the strategic approaches behind the success or the failure of these events. The purpose of this assessment is to examine strategic approaches in respect to a global event like the Nuremberg Toy fair in Germany. The report analyses the city of Nuremberg in Germany both internally and externally using such models like the PESTLE and SWOT analysis. The report looks at the internal and external environment surrounding the city of Nuremberg. The report also examines the key success factors (KSF) of holding the event at Nuremberg and future recommendations. Background information The…...

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