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Academic Report

Dienst Facilitaire Bedrijven

Executive Summary

The report before you is a written account of all actions that have taken place over the last 4 months. This Academic report summarizes 6 Learning Arrangements in regards to Strategy & Communication.
LA 1; Introduction to Strategy
LA 2; Conducting a Situational Analysis
LA 3; Developing a Strategic Direction
LA 4; Formulating a Strategy
LA 5; Implementing a Strategy
LA 6; Monitoring & Evaluating Strategic Performance

The purpose of the report is to give an in depth view on the case company ‘Dienst Facilitaire Bedrijven’ of Tilburg University, and formulated a strategy with could improve the current situation.

The main recommendations are; reformulating and reviewing the current mission and vision in addition to setting a strategy in which a niche is filled. Focusing on customer intimacy which follows the slogan; DFB does it, just the way you like it!!
DFB will be changing its generic strategy from Cost Leadership to Differentiation Focus.

Table of content

1.Introduction to Strategy 4 1.1 Strategy 4 2. DFB 5 2.1 Mission 5 2.2 Vision 5 2.3 Values 5 3.Conduction a situational analysis 6 3.1 Situation analysis 6 3.2 SWOT 6 3.3 The 3 C’s by Ohmea 7 3.3.1 Corporation 7 3.3.2 Customer 7 3.3.3 Competition 7 3.4 DESTEP 7 3.4.1 Demographic 7 3.4.2 Economic 7 3.4.3 Social 8 3.4.4 Technological 8 3.4.5 Ecological 8 3.4.6 Political 8 4.Formulating a Strategy 9 4.1 Porters generic strategies 9 4.2 Critical Success Factors 9 5.Implementing a Strategy 11 5.1 Eight Step Process by Kotter 11 6.Monitoring and Evaluating Strategic Performance 12 6.1 Balance Scorecard 12 6.1.1 Financial 12 6.1.2 Customer 12 6.1.3 Learning and growth 12 6.1.4 Internal business processes 12 6.2 Net…...

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