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2G Licenses Cancellation - A judgment by the Supreme Court: Idea Cellular’s Strategy options to tackle this
Introduction 3 Company Overview 3 Mission 3 Issue on hand 3 Competitor Analysis 4 SWOT ANALYSIS 11 Porter's 5 Forces Analysis 14 Business Strategy 17 Final Recommendation: 22

Company Overview
IDEA Cellular is a publicly listed company, having listed on BSE & NSE in March 2007. It is the 3rd largest mobile services operator in India with wireless revenue market share at 13.9 % in Q1 FY2012. Idea has join the select global operator’s club servicing over 100 million subscribers, as of September 2011. Idea is a pan-India integrated GSM operator and has its own NLD and ILD operations, and ISP license.
Idea has a network of over 70,000 cell sites covering the entire length and breadth of the country. Idea has over 3,000 Service Centers servicing Idea subscribers across the country, including 450 special Experience Zones for 3G promotion. Idea’s service delivery platform is ISO 9001:2008 certified, making it the only operator in the country to have this standard certification for all 22 service areas and the corporate office. Idea is the winner of ‘The Emerging Company of the Year Award’ at The Economic Times Corporate Excellence Awards 2009. IDEA Cellular also received the prestigious Avaya Global Connect Award for being the ‘Most Customer Responsive Company’ in the Telecom sector in the year 2010. The company has received several other national and international recognitions for its path-breaking innovations in mobile telephony products & services. It won the GSM Association Award for ‘Best Billing and Customer Care Solution’ for 2 consecutive years. It was awarded ‘Mobile Operator of the Year Award – India’ for 2007 and 2008 at the Annual Asian Mobile News Awards. IDEA Cellular is an Aditya Birla Group…...

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