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Are there areas of the city (or entire cities, perhaps) that you avoid? Apply ideas in this article to explain why you avoid those areas.
There are definitely areas of the city I try, no I do, avoid. I have to admit that these areas are predominately black and poor. I live out here in the country now and have to admit that I am not street savvy or “street wise” so to say. I admit have driven for quite a distance to deliberately avoid these areas. Some of the things that bother me are the attitude of some of these young black men. The swagger, language, and almost defiant attitude. I have to admit it scares me somewhat, and yes, I am one of those people who try not to make eye contact. I believe that this behavior probably angers some of the black youths as they are offended by my behavior. I also believe that one bad instance with a black youth can anger a small community and scare the residents against all black youths. I have always considered myself not to be prejudice but this has made me see things differently. I now believe that I am somewhat prejudice, and I do not think that this is a good trait in myself. It is amazing how one small article can make you reflect on your own behavior throughout your life. I know I would not like to be looked at and judged just for my appearance.

If you lived in the Village-Northton how would your interactions be different from what they now are? Exactly what behaviors would you change?
If I lived in the village I believe that I would try to become more “street wise”. I do not think I would want to live in a place where I was frightened all the time. If I was to see the same people all the time I would nod at first, speak to them eventually, and try to get to know them. I would also try to familiarize myself with my surroundings. Getting to know your neighbors would help. One thing…...

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