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Work-Related Stress and Stress Management

Learning Objectives

I Define stress and describe the stress experience.
I Outline the stress process from stressors to consequences.
I Identify the different types of stressors in the workplace.
I Explain why a stressor might produce different stress levels in

two people.
I Discuss the physiological, psychological, and behavioural effects

of stress.
I Identify five ways to manage workplace stress.


ylvia Noreen thought that working at a small hospital in Prince Edward Island would reduce the stress she had experienced as a nurse in Ontario for 17 years.
Instead, she discovered that Stewart Memorial Hospital nurses in Tyne Valley also experience unacceptable stress levels due to budget cuts and staff shortages. “There can be a lot of demands made on you,” says Noreen. “The workload can get quite strenuous at times.” With no vacations during her first year at Stewart, Noreen’s scheduled days off were precious time to recharge her batteries. Unfortunately, those moments were fewer than she had hoped. “We’re faced with being called back on our days off,” Noreen says.
“It is trying at times.”
Canadian nurses and other health care workers are feeling some of the highest levels of stress and burnout of any occupation across the country. With Montreal-area emergency rooms filled to 167 percent, nurses at St. Luc Hospital in
Montreal recently walked out twice briefly to protest the work overload. “There is exhaustion and the inability of five to do the work of eight, or
12 to do the work of 20,” said Jennie Skene, president of the Quebec nurses’ union.
The problem isn’t just overwork, say some nurses; it’s the inability to achieve the minimum standards of professional care that nurses set for themselves. “Most people went…...

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...Scope 2.4 Methodology 2.0 CAUSES OF STRESS 3.5 Environmental Stress 3.6 Internal Stress 3.0 EFFECTS OF STRESS 4.7 Physical Effects 4.8 Emotional Effects 4.0 STRESS MANAGEMENT 5.9 Unhealthy Coping 5.10 Stress Management Strategies 5.0 CONCLUSION 6.0 RECOMMENDATIONS LIST OF REFRENCES APPENDIX 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Purpose The purpose of this report is to outline the importance of stress management, including the causes and effects stress has on individuals. This report will also discuss ways for individuals to manage stress. 1.2 Background Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Stress is the body’s way of reacting to a kind of demand. There are two kinds of stress, acute stress and chronic stress, each with different effects on the body and mind. Acute stress results from specific events or situations that involve novelty, unpredictability, a threat to the ego, and leave us with a poor sense of control. Chronic stress results from repeated exposures to situations that leads to the release of hormones and causes wear and tear on body and mind. 1.3 Scope This report examines stress and its causes and effects, along with how to manage stress. This includes how stress effects individuals physically and emotionally, and will provide suggestions on how to manage stress in the right way. 1.4......

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