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Factors of Behavior
Human behavior has been a focus of study and research for a number of years, and as the fields of sociology, psychology, and science continue to make advancements, so do the theories related to behavior. Due to the growing emphasis being placed on student achievement within academic settings, these theories have become of particular interest for those working with students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Several factors, including biological influences, family relationships, school environments, and cultural values impact how students conduct themselves. In an effort to reduce or eliminate the occurrences of problematic behaviors, educators, behavior management specialists, counselors, and administrators are turning to applied behavior analysis (ABA) and functional behavioral assessments to determine and address the various factors that contribute to disruptive behaviors.
Biological Factors When assessing the root causes for emotional and behavioral disorders, biological determinants are often overlooked or disregarded (Johnson, 1989). However, recent research indicates that there are several biological factors related to the prevalence of ADHD and conduct disorders. Neurological deficits, chemical imbalances, and poor nutrition can have a direct impact on the choices that students make (Johnson, 1989). Environmental contexts can serve to either intensify or diminish the level of influence these factors have over behavior.
Neurological Deficits
Neurological deficits are often related to learning disabilities. When students become frustrated learning content, their frustrations may lead to disruptive behaviors. Some students may be predisposed to certain conditions, while other disorders may be a result of health impairments. Some neurological conditions cannot be treated, though teachers can implement interventions that…...

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