Subliminal Marketing

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Subliminal Marketing
..What you see, what you smell, what you feel and think is all a part of a market strategy

Ever wondered why you always end up walking out of the supermarkets with huge shopping bags? If you analyze, half of the things you buy are on impulse. Why do we usually have fresh sweet smelling flowers or the perfume section at the entrance of shopping malls? The answer is easily understood by marketing student/executive – the fragrance enhances a 40% increase in good mood. It relaxes our senses and gives us a happy feeling. We tend to buy more in a happy mood. The placement of consumer-goods to enhance impulsive buying behavior is an old tactic now. Today, what you see, what you smell is all a part of a market strategy –like inducing a “symbolic pleasant mood”, packing food in ice, fresh water droplets on the fruits and veggies is an example of “hedonics to excite your senses”. For that matter the series of images you see before you finally reach a showroom is also a part of the marketing strategy.
Subliminal marketing is a technique of exposing the consumers to pictures, to products, to brand names, to colors and scenes or other such marketing stimuli without the consumers being consciously aware. The human brain reacts to these stimuli without the consumer even being aware. The brain decodes and develops a power to acknowledge the stimuli. A study of Functional magnetic Resonance Imaging shows that subliminal stimuli activate specific region of the brain.
To explain in more details, subliminal advertisements try to touch the subconscious brain cells. A few lemon drinks position themselves in the minds of the customer as a freshness inducing drink. So next time on a hot day, when u need to feel fresh you would instantly think about the lemon drink rather than water. If you ate some nice appetizing prawns dish at a beach shack, coupled with a pint…...

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