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Type of Business

The main activities of Subway® are that they sell mainly sandwiches to their customer to fulfil the customers need for food.
The Subway® franchise began in the USA in 1965 and now has 32,774 outlets in 91 countries, also in most years 70% of new Subway® franchises are sold to existing Subway® owners.
Subway® is owned in a private sector, as the business started as a partnership between Fred DeLuca & Dr. Peter Buck and they opened three stores before the Subway® outlet began franchising.
Subway® what to make a profit, as when the business first opened it was so that Fred DeLuca could pay for his university tuition, and the partnership turn the business to a franchises so that others could succeed in their own business venture.
The industry sector that Subway® is tertiary as they sell mainly sandwiches to people that use the business.


Subway® has a low fat menu which is popular with customers all around the world, and Subway® allows their customers to add the ingredients that they what into their sub, also other product includes drinks & snacks.
The subs, snacks & drinks can be combined together into one deal to give their customers a cheaper offer on their products.


The reason that Subway® exist is that Fred DeLuca was looking for a way to make enough money to pay for his university tuition and the solution came at a BBQ during a conversation with a family friend, Dr. Peter Buck, who suggested to Fred that he open a submarine sandwich shop - having seen a sandwich shop in his hometown experience huge success, and With a $1,000 loan from Dr. Buck, the partnership was formed and Pete’s Super Submarines opened in August 1965.
The products that are supplied to Subway® are there to make a profit from.
Also Subway® meets their customers’ demands by providing food & drink to be purchase by the customers, and…...

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