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You and your friend are running from a herd of zombies. Suddenly your friend trips and knocks you over, their ankle gets hurt and the zombies start closing in. What would you do? Risk your life to help them or take off? Self conservation is supposed to be an instinct, and the main thing that triggers that instinct is fear. That's when the fight or flight option kicks in, and that's the point where you choose to be selfless or selfish. Most people would choose the selfish route for multiple reasons; you only have to worry about your own life, there won't be any dead weight holding you back, and nobody will be there to cloud your judgement. Survival requires selfishness so that you don't have any dead weight holding you back. For instance , in 2005, there was a pregnant woman named Rosezina who went into labor during hurricane Katrina. Knowing that she needed assistance, she left through her building’s fire escape and swam for two blocks. Unfortunately, she had to leave her 5-year old son who was screaming “mama! Come back!”. She swam until she reached a hospital where she gave birth and was reunited with her son days later. If she would've chose the selfless route and took her son with her, who knows what would have happened? She had to make the hard selfish decision of leaving her son so she could have a safe birth. For those who argue that you need to be selfless in order to survive obviously did not give it that much thought. Recently there was a man named Blake Lyon stopped his vehicle to help a woman who was pretending to be hurt. When he got out of his car she hopped in his car and spent 30 minutes trying to run him over. Blake’s friend who witnessed this event said “ The only way to explain it is it's like being a matador and basically having a raging bull that was continuously coming at you”. That shows that being selfless can be dangerous and…...

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