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What us your favorite Fantasy restaurant?

As the knife cut through the air and slid into the pink flesh of the fish, the air was perfumed with the fresh smell of sushi. In Miami we have an eclectic group of people that bring their cultures. This resonates in the ambiance of several different restaurants here in south Florida. My personal favorite restaurant to dine at is not just delicious it is also expensive. The three criteria that I hold a fine dining establishment to are the menu, the service, and the overall ambiance. Without further adieu I announce to you that I frequent NAOE. As you may have guessed from my introductory sentence, I enjoy sushi. This Japanese staple is an amazing culinary achievement in that its most beautiful feature is its simplicity.

First and foremost, when visiting an upscale restaurant, there is nothing more annoying that being bombarded with a culinary overload! Being in an establishment that claims to offer French, yet serves Italian is perhaps the best way to have me never return. The beauty of NAOE is that the head chef sets the menu. Meaning that each and every visit is a unique one. There is no selection, when you set up your reservation you are prompted to accept that fact that everything being offered is at the whim of the chef, and that they do not cater to vegetarians. The only recourse that is offered is a small column that only allows for allergy information to be input. The menu at NOAE is an elegant three-course meal that ends with a bang!

Secondly, the element that separates a good restaurant from an amazing restaurant is the service, at least in my opinion. At NAOE there are two servers. Although this may sound like an understaffed restaurant it is not, I will elaborate later. The two hostesses play an important role in the entire feeling of the restaurant.…...

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