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Research in Sustainable Energy Economics

Shuddhasattwa Rafiq
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Presentation Plan
• Motivation • Research areas • Papers and proposals in different research areas

To undertake meaningful academic and professional research in the field of energy economics which would ultimately lead to delivering key sustainability principles in regional, national and international levels. Pure data driven analytical studies based on recent quantitative research underpinnings strengthen sustainable energy planning to ensure community involvement, inter-generational equity, biological diversity, ecological integrity, and precautionary social and environmental investment.

Research Areas
• • • • Energy Conservation Renewable Energy Sustainable Mining Community Oil Price Volatility

Energy Conservation
(a) Rafiq, S. and Salim, Ruhul A. 2010, ‘The Linkage between energy consumption and income: A multivariate cointegration analysis in developing economies,’ International Journal of Emerging Markets, forthcoming. (b) Rafiq, S. and Salim, Ruhul A. 2009. ‘Temporal causality between energy consumption and income in six Asian emerging countries,’ Applied Economics Quarterly, Vol. 55, no. 4, 335-350. Objective: • Identifying energy conservation possibilities in emerging economies by implementing a multivariate demand side time series econometric analysis. (c) Rafiq, S., Salim, Ruhul A. and Bloch, H. 2010, ‘Relationship between oil consumption and economic growth: Is there any energy conservation possibility for China?’ Submitted in: Energy Economics. Objective: • Identifying energy conservation possibilities in China by implementing an extensive multivariate supply and demand side time series econometric analysis.

Renewable Energy
(a) Rafiq, S., and Alam, K. A. 2010, ‘Why are some emerging economies proactively…...

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