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Full name : Kingdom of Sweden (Sverige (SE), Ruotsi (FI) )

Capital :Stockholm ( 5 m inhabitants)

Major language :Swedish

Major religion : Christianity

Land Area 449,964 sq.km (173 732 sq miles)

Population: 9,3 m (=0,14 % of world´s population)

Foreign born inhabitants : 13,8 %

Population density: 20 sq. km

Life expectancy: Men 80 years , women 84 years

Adult literacy: 99%

Average per household 2.1

Divorces per1,000 : 2.1

Internet domain : .se

International dialing code :+46

Currency : Swedish Krona ( 9, 1310 Kr ~1 €)

Parliament: The Riksdag, with 349 members in a single chamber

National Day: June 6

Education: Nine years of compulsory schooling, but most pupils continue to the three-year upper secondary school. Around one third go on to higher education at universities and colleges throughout Sweden

Working hours: Standard work week is 40 hours, minimum paid vacation is 5 weeks

Labor force participation: Men: 74.0 %. Women: 68.3 %

Employment (% of total): Agriculture 2%, industry 23%,services 75%,unemployed 9 %

Longest north-south distance: 1,574 km

Longest east-west distance 499 km

Agricultural land: 8 %

Forests: 53 %

Marshland: 9 %

Grasslands: 7 %

Bare rocks and mountains: 12 %

Lakes and rivers: 9 %

Highest mountain: Kebnekaise (2,103 m)

Biggest lake: Vänern (5,650 sq km)

Natural resources: forest, ore, water power

(see even http://www.sweden.se/eng/Home/Quick-facts/Sweden-in-brief/)

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Capital of Sweden, Stockholm



Information about Swedish business culture can be found on several web sites (see the links at the end of the report), books, magazines (for example FinSve-magazine, FinTra´s magazine Move On ) etc). These sources…...

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