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Swiss National Day August 1st

August 1st 1291 was the day the establishment of the Swiss Confederations was traditionally dated, therefore the Swiss National Day is celebrated on this date. The national holiday is celebrated all throughout the 26 states and even worldwide. Yet the traditions change from town to town.

The first of august is usually locally celebrated, although some events draw nation-wide attention. Since the 19th century, the Rhine Fall near Schaffhausen has been illuminated for special events. Beginning in 1920, the waterfall has been lit up every year for the national holiday and since 1966 it’s only lit up for this holiday. At the historic Rütli Meadow above Lake Lucerne, a celebration is staged to represent where the legendary pledge of alliance, the ‘Rütlischwur’ is said to have taken place. In Basel there are big fireworks at the Rhine that attarct not only the swiss but also many tourists.

Many towns and cities hold a get together at the town center or local meeting point. This usually starts around 5 o’clock p.m. Some towns have a torch walk through the town. People of all ages take part in the walk with lanterns or firetorches. After the return to the gathering, the firetorches are set in a big pile of wood prepared for the bonfire (usually by teenagers or young adults) while everyone waits for it to illuminate the night. After the barbeque, all kinds of firework light up the darkness and paint a beautiful picture in the sky.

Some families prefer to celebrate this event privatly or with close family friends in contrast, nowadays farm families come togther and host a big brunch on the morning, sometimes there are up to 600 guests. One thing that almost every swiss family does, no matter where in the county or in the world they live, is to decorated their house with the swiss…...

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