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Health and Safety
Health and Safety is a discipline with a broad scope involving many specialized fields. In its broadest sense, it should aim at: * the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers in all occupations; * the prevention among workers of adverse effects on health caused by their working conditions; * the protection of workers in their employment from risks resulting from factors adverse to health; * the placing and maintenance of workers in an occupational environment adapted to physical and mental needs; * the adaptation of work to humans.
In other words, Health and Safety encompasses the social, mental and physical well-being of workers, that is the “whole person”.
Successful occupational health and safety practice requires the collaboration and participation of both employers and workers in health and safety programmes, and involves the consideration of issues relating to occupational medicine, industrial hygiene, toxicology, education, engineering safety, ergonomics, psychology, etc.
Occupational health issues are often given less attention than occupational safety issues because the former are generally more difficult to confront. However, when health is addressed, so is safety, because a healthy workplace is by definition also a safe work place.The important point is that issues of both health and safety must be addressed in every workplace.
Importance of Health and Safety
Work plays a central role in people's lives, since most workers spend at least eight hours a day in the workplace, whether it is on a plantation, in an office, factory, etc. Therefore, work environments should be safe and healthy. Yet this is not the case for many workers. Every day workers all over the world are faced with a multitude of health hazards, such as: * dusts;…...

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...Tata Motors Case Jordan Jenkins Professor Watson University of Rio Grande 11/14/2013 Tata Motor case Economic characteristics Describe the economic characteristics of the global motor vehicle industry. The past five years were tumultuous for the Global Car and Automobile Manufacturing industry. The price for fuel and other growing concerns have shifted consumer’s preferences away from big pickup truck to more fuel efficient cars. Some automakers embraced the change by expanding their small-car portfolios and diversifying into the production of hybrid electric motor vehicles. Other automakers were more reluctant to shift their focus from big to small cars, expecting the price of fuel to contract eventually, bringing consumers back to the big-car fold. When fuel prices did fall during the second half of 2008, it was due to the US financial crisis ripping through the global economy. The meltdown began when a debt binge overwhelmed many US consumers and businesses. This had a domino effect throughout the developed and emerging worlds, with many Western nations following the United States into recession. The Global Car and Automobile Manufacturing industry is deemed to have a low level of market share concentration. There are several major automotive companies across the globe, each with a significant share of the market, but concentration has been declining over the past five years as firms in emerging economies ramp up production a good example would be Tata in India. ...

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