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Before you download and Install: For all Symbian user, you may know that to install most cracked applications, you must hack your phone or sign the applications before you install so I'll not write down the signing process in the installation guide. Most of the applications here was tested on my Nokia 5233 and warranty to run on Nokia 5233, as I read through internet when I search for them, others also confirm they work with 5230, 5530, 5800 and N97 (but there are also some feedbacks that they don't, hope you are lucky :D) and other Symbian S60v3 I only group them in 3 group, first is the software to hack your phone or sign your applications (must have), second is dictionaries (because I use a lot of dictionaries), and all the others software. In some file when you unzip you will see a file name DeleteMe, that file serve no purpose. I add that file only because I'm using Linux and the zip archiver doesnot let me zip a .sis or .sisx file alone my choice is to create a folder and zip a folder or chose at least two file. So I create an additional file only to do that.

Hack and sign:

HelloOX: Free Sign: Stevedore:(this application help you get your Certification and Key file directly from your phone. The Certification file contain 17 developer certification like the one from ODPA) Nokia file Browser 4.5.2: (this applications is merely a file browser, it serve no purpose of hacking or signing the applications, however it help all user who don't want or don't know how to hack your phone still can have control over system folder that they can't control with all other file browser so I place it here. By control I mean full control like access, copy, move,…...

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