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System Software
The operating system (OS) controls the overall operation of the computer and provides an easier way for users to interact with the computer’s hardware and software. The operating system does not have one job, in fact, the operating system is a set of programs that utilizes every task the computer performs and manages system resources, and this includes applications, I/O management, device drivers, memory management, CPU management, and hardware. The operating system is a very critical part of the computer simply because without it, the computer is useless because it cannot function.
The operating system manages the computer’s running applications and since each program consists of at least one process, there are typically several processes running at the same time. What the operating system does is manage the computer’s resources in order to run them in an organized manner. This is called scheduling (process scheduling). There are five different states that a process can be in: new, ready, running, waiting, and terminated. The operating system helps the processor organize the processes according to their status in order to keep everything running seamlessly. The operating system operates to keep running programs working and user-ready by making it seem as though several processes are running simultaneously when in fact the available resources are being switched between the processes so quickly that is appears that they are running at the same time.
The operating system makes sure that each process has enough memory to execute the process, while also making sure that one process doesn’t interfere with the memory assigned to another process. A computer has four general types of speed: high-speed cache, main memory, secondary memory, and disk storage. The operating system must balance out the need of each process with the different types of memory…...

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