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Is it Ethical to steal wireless internet service? Is it ethical or legal to steal your neighbors wireless internet service? Is it ethical or legal to steal wireless internet service from a business? Furthermore, is it ethical or legal to parade around town looking for open wireless networks?
The following exert is from Douglas Schweitzer, a free lance writer in Nesconset, N.Y. “There's no denying that, whether you consider unauthorized use legal or not, leaving your wireless network unsecured is a reckless decision. Even if you don't mind the idea of unauthorized users gaining access to your network, you should be aware that any illegal activity they engage in could be traced back to your computer.” Most new laptop computers come equipped with a wireless network card installed. They are programmed to automatically detect a wireless network in range, making it easy to view available networks. Rather it is a wireless network from a business or a home wireless network, if precaution is not taken those networks can be viewed and or accessed. The lack of securing your network is a great cause for concern. Many people who have internet services in their homes and businesses really don’t know many of the risks that are out there. The world has grown tremendously from one computer in their homes and businesses having access to the internet via dial-up to many computers connected in a small network in our homes and much larger networks in our businesses. Not only are computers connected in a wired network fashion, but they are being connected wirelessly without any protection such as encryption. With the affordability of wireless routers with wired ports available, the wireless generation is here to stay. Not only is wireless available in homes and businesses, they are also available in internet cafés. These cafés are designed for wireless use and propose many…...

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