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Havard model

HRM is generally considered to be either Hard or Soft where hard HRM is quantitative, calculative and treats people as a factor of production (an object). Soft HRM on the other hand draws from the Human Resource school of thought which treats people as strategic resources who can provide an organisation with strategic flexibility through being committed, innovative and working in a team so as to achieve a competitive advantage.
The Harvard Model is considered to be more soft in nature because it views individuals as potential assets or human assets rather than variable costs.


The Harvard map of HRM
A large part of this section in Human Resource Management, 4th edition is devoted to the Harvard 'map' of HRM. This is probably the most seminal model of HRM and has had a major influence on academic debate on the subject.
'We noted that the Harvard Business School generated one of the most influential models of HRM. The Harvard interpretation sees employees as resources. However, they are viewed as being fundamentally different from other resources - they cannot be managed in the same way. The stress is on people as human resources. The Harvard approach recognizes an element of mutuality in all businesses, a concept with parallels in Japanese people management, as we observed earlier. Employees are significant stakeholders in an organization. They have their own needs and concerns along with other groups such as shareholders and customers.'
The Harvard Map or model outlines four HR policy areas: 1. Human resource flows - recruitment, selection, placement, promotion, appraisal and assessment, promtion, termination, etc. 2. Reward systems - pay systems, motivation, etc. 3. Employee influence - delegated levels of authority, responsibility, power 4. Work systems - definition/design of work and alignment of people.…...

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...health as a four-sided concept representing four basic beliefs of life. Te Taha Hinengaro (psychological health) Te Taha Wairua (spiritual health) Te Taha Tinana (physical health) Te Taha Whanau (family health) This model can be applied to any health issue affecting Maori from physical to psychological wellbeing. Te Whare Hinengaro thoughts, feeling and behavior are important to health in Te Aro Maori (the Maori world) A Maori who puts their own needs and ambitions before others, without recognizing the effect it has on others is consider unhealthy. Healthy thinking for a Maori is about relationship. Commutation through emotion is considered important and valued more than the exchange of words. If Maori show their feeling rather than talking about them this is consider healthy Te Taha Wairua A Maori person who doesn’t have spirituality awareness can be lacking in wellness and phone to ill health. Wairua also looks at relationships with the environment, between people or with heritage. A breakdown of this relationship could mean ill health or lack of personal identity. When confronting a Maori with drug and alcohol problems in my practice, I wouldn’t seek to analyze its separate components, but ask to what larger context it resides in e.g. incorporating ancestor or future generations to discussion. The discussion will go of track a little but the flow will return to the question. Te Taha Tinana is the concept of physical growth and development. For Maori the body...

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