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Statement of the Legal Problem The issue that needs to be resolved in this case is whether petitioner, Conrado Tan is liable, either jointly or severally with the Nationwide Steel Corporation, for the monetary award in favor of the respondents - Restituto Timbal, Jr.

I. Legal Concepts relevant to the Case Source: Corporation Code of the Philippines (Batas Pambansa Blg. 68) TITLE III - BOARD OF DIRECTORS/TRUSTEES/OFFICERS SECTION 25. Corporate officers, quorum. Immediately after their election, the directors of a corporation must formally organize by the election of a president, who shall be a director, a treasurer who may or may not be a director, a secretary who shall be a resident and citizen of the Philippines, and such other officers as may be provided for in the by-laws. Any two (2) or more positions may be held concurrently by the same person, except that no one shall act as president and secretary or as president and treasurer at the same time. The directors or trustees and officers to be elected shall perform the duties enjoined on them by law and the by-laws of the corporation. Unless the articles of incorporation or the by-laws provide for a greater majority, a majority of the number of directors or trustees as fixed in the articles of incorporation shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of corporate business, and every decision of at least a majority of the directors or trustees present at a meeting at which there is a quorum shall be valid as a corporate act, except for the election of officers which shall require the vote of a majority of all the members of the board. Directors or trustees cannot attend or vote by proxy at board meetings. SECTION 31. Liability of directors, trustees or officers. Directors or trustees who willfully and knowingly vote for or assent…...

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Tan Sri Dr Anthony Francis Fernandes

...Tan Sri Dr Anthony Francis Fernandes Background and Qualification Tan Sri Anthony Francis Fernandes, the founder of Tune Air Sdn. Bhd, which introduced the first budget no-frills airline in Malaysia, AirAsia with the tagline of "Now everyone can fly". He was born in 30 April 1964 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to a Goan (originally from Goa) father Dr. Stephen Edward Fernandes and a Kristang (known as "Portuguese-Eurasians") mother Ena Dorothy Fernandez. Dr Tony Fernandes was educated at The Alice Smith School in Kuala Lumpur before entering Epsom College. His Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance was earned from the London School of Economics in 1987. He also received an Honorary Doctorate of Business Innovation from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in March 2010. He was admitted as Associate Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in 1991 and became Fellow Member in 1996. He is currently a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). Dr Tony Fernandes has been served as an internal auditor, managing director, financial controller and even Southeast Asian regional vice-president for few companies before starting up Tune Air Sdn Bhd. Working Experience Virgin Communications London 1987 until 1989 – Served as an internal auditor and subsequently becoming financial controller for that organization. Warner Music Group Warner Music International London 1989 until 1992 - Served as Senior Financial......

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Amy Tan: Two Kinds

...Amy Tan: Two Kinds ”Two Kinds” is a short story written by Amy Tan in 1989. The story brings up the themes parenting and relationship between a mother and her daughter. Also about the difficulties for a Chinese mother to raise an Americanised daughter. The main character is a Chinese-American girl called Jing-mei. The mother has great ambitions for her daughter and believes "that you could be anything you want to be in America". The daughter likes the American lifestyle while her mother wants to keep the Chinese way of lifestyle and living. Summary The story takes place in America. Jing-mei's mother has arranged piano lessons for Jing-mei, because she wants her to become a prodigy. However Jing-mei feels like she is trying to make her into someone she is not. Jing-mei lies about practice times and she does only what she has to do during the lessons. At a talent show she plays the piano awful because of her lack of participation in the piano lessons. Still her mother insists on continuing the piano lessons. Jing-mei screams but her mother drags her to the bench to play. On Jing-mei's thirtieth birthday her mother gives her the piano as a present Characters - Jing-mei Jing-mei and her mother are struggling to accept and understand each other. Jing-mei wants be her self and is obsessed with the American idea of being anyone you want. She does not want to follow her mothers’ footstep, but in stead make her own. She won’t change just to make her mother feel proud or...

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Tan Lines and Bar Codes

...Tan Lines and Bar Codes Although refusing to conform to society guarantees a life as a social pariah and may present harsh consequences, the road to individuality gives one an opportunity to discover his or her purpose in life through uniqueness and their morals. In “A&P,” John Updike portrays an exceptional story of a teenager’s battle between doing what is right and going along with society. The teenager, Sammy, works as a cashier at the local grocery store where he is presented with a situation with three teenage girls who walk in the store with only their bathing suits. When the manager spots the girls, he asks them to leave, and Sammy decides that they were not treated fair, so he quits his job at the store. Sammy made a choice to stand up for the girls in hopes of they would recognize his bravery and talk to him. His choice to refuse society’s ways cost him his job, but it teaches the audience a valuable lesson. When stood with adversity between what is right and wrong, one must always stand up for what is right no matter what society will think of them and no matter the consequences. By being unique, one expresses his or her individuality by standing out from the norm of society either by the way they dress and/or the way they act. In a society, one will meet some interesting people who have chosen to be unique and refuse to follow the rules of the standard world. These people are on their way to discovering their purpose in life, but they are criticized often......

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Mac vs Microsoft vs

...for the process. Each task also holds the execution state, which can be running, interruptible, uninterruptible, stopped, zombie. Linux takes the user level threads for the tasks and can map them to kernel level processes with the same group ID. This offers resources sharing and security. Mac operating systems handle the execution of processes even differently than Windows and Linux. Mac has Grand Central Dispatch, which contains a pool of available threads. “Thread pools are automatically sized by the system to maximize the performance of the applications using GCD while minimizing the number of idle or competing threads” (Stallings 2012). Programs are intended to create blocks, which contain data and code on how to perform. “Windows vs. MAC vs. Linux OS will provide as much concurrency as possible based on the number of cores available and the thread capacity of the system” (Stallings, 2012). The development of these blocks is formatted in files and will run in concurrency using first-in-first-out processing. The merging process in the Grand Central Dispatch is well-organized in most cases compared to manually handling threads. Looking at UNIX/Linux it has one advantage over other operating systems on the market. It is less used than other operating systems. That fact alone improves the security of the operating system because the less hackers are trying to attack the system, the more secure it will be. Linux utilizes a firewall to block anyone trying to hack into the......

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Amy Tan - Mother's Tongue

...Comprehension 1. Tan is classifying how she uses different Englishes with her writings and with family. With her family, she usually uses “broken” English, and with her writing she uses “professional” English. 2. I believe that she introduces the categories in paragraphs 7 and 8. I believe she identified the categories at a right time because she begins by talking about her family and work, and then she introduces her categories. 3. Yes, Amy Tan goes into explaining the categories by sharing personal experiences. Amy does not treat both equally. I do not see it as a problem because there is no way to treat the Englishes equally when you use them in a different form. 4. Amy believes that her mother’s limited English is a problem in department stores, banks, and restaurants. 5. Her mother’s English has an effect on her life because of how broken it is she needs to pretend to be her at points, watch her mother be treated poorly, and go through several bad situations. 6. She says that math is precise and had a specific answer, as for in English was assigned several questions where she had to fill in the blank and get “bland combinations” as answers. No, I do not think her problems come from her family’s language skills. I believe that it’s pretty much an excuse that she is using, being an Asian American, and it all depends on the person to limit themselves to the English language or not. 7. She offers the explanations that Asian Americans might come from a “broken”......

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Keusahawanan- Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong

...Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong merupakan usahawan Malaysia yang berjaya dalam bidang pelancongan dan pehotelan. Beliau merupakan pengasas Genting Highland. Penubuhan Genting Highland telah menaikkan nama Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong ke seluruh negara dan menjadikannya sebagai orang terkaya di Asia Tenggara pada tahun 2007 dengan asetnya yang bernilai RM 421.8 billion. Beliau dilahirkan di Fujian, China pada tahun 1918. Pada tahun 1937, beliau telah berhijrah ke Tanah Melayu mengikuti jejak langkah sepupunya, Lim Kheng Chong. Beliau telah bekerja dengan bapa saudaranya sebagai tukang kayu selama 2 tahun dan berkembang sehinggalah berjaya menubuhkan syarikat pembinaan “Kien Huat”. Dengan bantuan dan bimbingan daripada bapa saudaranya, beliau bermula melaksanakan beberapa projek dan telah diiktirafkan sebagai salah satu syarikat pembinaan terkemuka selepas penyelesaian beberapa projek utama. Antaranya ialah Empangan Ayer Itam yang terletak di Pulau Pinang dan Projek Pengairan Kemubu. Beliau telah mencetuskan idea untuk membina Genting Highland apabila beliau makan malam di Cameron Highland. Pada zaman itu, taraf hidup semakin meningkat di Malaysia, semakin ramai orang mampu membayar untuk bersantai di resort gunung. Beliau menganggap membina sebuah resort gunung akan mempunyai potensi perniagaan yang besar. Pada tahun 1964, beliau telah mendapat hak membangunkan Genting Highland di bawah pemerintahan Tunku Abdul Rahman, bekas Perdana Menteri. Beliau telah menghadapi......

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