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Title:What influence did Taobao bring to China?

Thesis statement
With the rapid development of Internet, shopping online has become an indispensable choice. Taobao is, absolutely, a true winner in China. Except for the great achievement they had made, for example, enriching the variety of commodity and offering job opportunities, Taobao has also brought a lot of problems which cannot be ignored.
Para1. Taobao brings convience to people. * Variety of commodity; * Different ways of shopping; * Cheaper price.
Para2. Economy growth and industry transform * Job opportunities; * Express delivery industry; * The double 11 shopping festival in China made by Taobao.
Para3. Express delivery created a lot of pollution. * Excessive packaging; * A plenty of trees were cut to make cardboard boxes; * Increasing carbon dioxide.
Para4. Shoddy goods and Taobao has stimulated the action of hurting intellectual property right. * Price disorder, malign competition make sellers tend to sell fake or shoddy goods. * Taobao gives pirated copies a convenient way to flood into the market.
Taobao aims at creating the world’s preferred online retail shopping district. For the purpose of an environmentally friendly promotion of Taobao e-commerce, Taobao should change and improve their future strategies.

1. Some information about Taobao. 2. “ launches online shopping mall”.( Jan15, 2008) Shanghai Daily, 3. “Taobao Marketplace is one of the world’s top 10 most visited websites”
4. “The Taobao Effect and Online Shopping Threaten…...

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