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Snap-A-Plant Target Market
Target market: Because our app is being sold on the apples app store, our market can potentially be anyone with an iPod touch or an iPhone. Apple has sold an estimated 33 million total iPhones and 13 million iPod touches up until the start of 2010. This means the market consists potentially of about 46 million iPod touch and iPhone users.

Specifically, we are going after 2 smaller target markets. The first market will be women, ages 16 and above. This market is interested in plants, flowers, gardening and the outdoors in general. They may also be interested in travel. What we can offer these people is flower identification. If they see something they like, whether it be out in a forest, in someone else’s garden, or on a trip to a different country, we are providing them the service to catalogue the plant and give them the closest location to either buy it in the store or find it in the wild. We are also providing them with the knowledge of what kind of plant or flower it is by giving them the common and scientific name.
The other market we are going after is the adventurer. This person is primarily male age 15-50. This market is interested in the outdoors with activities such as camping, hiking, backpacking, traveling, hunting, fishing, etc. What we are advertising to this person is the information the app provides on the individual uses of each plant. We can provide them with information on edibility and other properties such as medicinal and antibacterial. Users will be able to identify a plant’s usefulness by taking a picture but they will also be able to search by what they need. They will be able to look plants up by geographic location and their use. For example if they are hungry, they can look up plants in their area that are edible. Or, if they have a burn, they can look up plants that…...

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