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1. What is the orientation of a rock layer labeled with this strike and dip symbol?
(a) N43°E; 38°NW (b) N43°W; 38°SE c) N43°W; 38°NE (d) N43°E; 38°SW

2. Which of the following is an impossible strike and dip combination?
(a) N44E, 12SE (b) N56E, 8NW (c) N31W, 31NE
(d) N45W, 76SE (e) N5E, 62SE

3. What type of structure underlies the valley as seen in this cross-section?
(a) symmetrical anticline (b) symmetrical syncline (c) overturned anticline (d) asymmetrical anticline (e) recumbent syncline

4. The map below shows 5. The map below shows
(a) an anticline plunging east. (a) an anticline plunging east.
(b) an anticline plunging west. (b) an anticline plunging west.
(c) a syncline plunging east. (c) a syncline plunging east.
(d) a syncline plunging west. (d) a syncline plunging west.


6. The block diagram at right shows an overturned anticline-syncline pair. Which letter or letters indicate overturned bedding?

B & C
7. What type of fold is seen here?
(a) symmetrical anticline
(b) symmetrical syncline
(c) asymmetrical syncline
(d) recumbent syncline

8. Structurally, what type of feature is seen here?
(a) anticline (b) dome (c) syncline
(d) basin (e) graben

9. Which map symbol would be used to describe the geometry of the rocks seen here?
(A) (b) (c) (d)


10. Which map symbol would be used to describe the strike and dip of the rocks at location X?
(A) (b) (c) (D)

11. Which map symbol would be used to describe the strike and dip of the rocks at location Y?
a) (B) (c) (d)

12. What…...

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