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Assignment 5.1

"Task analysis for instructional design is a process of analyzing and articulating the kind of learning that you expect the learners to know how to perform". (George Mason University) Although task analysis has been approached from several perspectives, there is one constant among them. Task analysis, at a minimum, assists the instructor or designer to understand the content to be taught.
According to George Mason University, (n.d.) instructional designers perform task analysis in order to: * determine the instructional goals and objectives; * define and describe in detail the tasks and sub-tasks that the student will perform; * specify the knowledge type (declarative, structural, and procedural knowledge) that characterize a job or task; * select learning outcomes that are appropriate for instructional development; * prioritize and sequence tasks; * determine instructional activities and strategies that foster learning; * select appropriate media and learning environments; * construct performance assessments and evaluation.
Below is a goal analysis I developed to assist learners in understanding the business planning process for a beauty business.
At the end of six weeks, learners will know the main components of a business plan and through the use of business planning software, will develop a business plan that will be used to measure comprehension and be used to obtain financing for starting a new beauty industry business.
* Understanding the purpose of business planning-Through discussion, lectures and research, learners will understand the main components of a business plan, the purpose of a business plan and why a regularly updated and professional looking plan can help ensure success throughout the life of their business.…...

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