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Abstract Cigarette and Tobacco taxation has been a hot topic for years. Typically, the taxing of this product is accepted as there are health concerns associated with the consumption of tobacco products. The concept of raising cigarette taxes aligns with goals of increasing revenue for local, state and federal governments, and also works to increase the overall public health of the country. Although the taxation is widely accepted, there are concerns associated with who the taxation effects primarily, how funds are being utilized and issues with meeting budget goals with the earned revenue. This paper addresses each of these topics in an effort to identify the effectiveness of cigarette and tobacco taxation.

The concern associated with the health risks of tobacco use and cigarettes began as early as the 1930’s. The ill effects of tobacco were studied by epidemiologists in long term case studies to assess the increase of lung cancer mortality to smoking. The findings were considered merely casual by Surgeon General Leroy Burney in 1957. As a few years passed, the concern between the relationship of smoking and health grew. This led to The American Cancer Society, The American Heart Association , The National Tuberculosis Association and the American Public Health Association collaborating together to address a letter to President Kennedy. In this letter they asked for a call to action on the issue of cigarette smoking. The Kennedy Administration acted swiftly and in 1962 Surgeon General Luther T. Terry indicated that he would have a committee of experts conduct a thorough review of all scientific findings related to the smoking issue in question. The committee reviewed more than 7,000 scientific articles and sought out assistance from more than 150 consultants. The results of their research resulted in a Surgeon General Report…...

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Cigarette tobacco can be more dangerous for non-smokers than those who choose to smoke cigarettes. In response to the current knowledge concerning hazards to both smokers and those non-smokers who are in the same location as smokers, health professionals and the public have demanded that laws protect the community. Therefore, governments have banned cigarette smoking in public places such as shopping centers, schools and hospitals. Also, most businesses have allocated an area for cigarette smoking to ensure that those who are adversely affected to the by-products of smoking are not exposed to tobacco. Smokers feel discriminated against by these laws believing they are now branded as social outcasts and that others cannot make laws that prohibit smoking in private cars and homes. However, non-smokers and health professionals continue to call for even tighter restrictions to ensure the entire community especially children, are safe. When the health of those who have medical conditions is aggravated by tobacco smoking or when children are adversely affected, smoking must be banned. Inhaling the smoke exhaled by a cigarette smoker or the smoke that emanates from a cigarette end is harmful to those who do so. Unfortunately, many are exposed to this smoke in circumstances that give them no say. This is especially so if these unwilling smokers are children or when the smoker smokes in a public place. Cigarette smoke has been said to contain many dangerous chemicals such as arsenic,......

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...Cigarette tax measure may have unintended consequences | | | | Matt Evans On the surface, this November's Ballot Measure 44 is simplicity itself. The measure will increase taxes on cigarettes by 30 cents per pack, as well as on other tobacco products, and the revenue raised will be dedicated to the Oregon Health Plan and tobacco use reduction programs. What could be more straightforward? However, the measure raises a host of interesting issues that voters should weigh prior to casting their votes. Most important, of course, is the core of the measure, its purpose: to raise money for the Oregon Health Plan, ostensibly to offset costs the plan incurs from smoking-related illnesses. State revenue estimators understand that anytime you raise the tax on something, you will get less of it. This is certainly true in the case of Ballot Measure 44 and its effect on cigarette smoking. In fact, the State Legislative Revenue Office estimates that cigarette use will decline about 4.5 percent due to the increased taxation. In a series of four steps over the past 17 years, Oregon has raised the tax on cigarettes from 9 cents per pack to the current 38 cents. Each of these tax increases represented a smaller amount per pack than Measure 44's 30 cents. In every instance, tobacco use has fallen by more than the current projection of 4.5 percent. In fact, tobacco use fell an average of almost 9 percent--twice the state's estimate--after those four cigarette tax increases.......

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