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Organizational Structure Presentation Action Plan, Part II

Audience and Action Plan, Part I

Our team has chosen for our audience the board of directors of the organization. To give just a few of our rationale in this choice are that, it is a very viable business in that the market for long term care is growing at an over average rate. According to Lewis (2013), “The Bureau of Labor Statistics points out that the health-care industry will be one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States in the period from 2008 to 2018, with wage and salary jobs growing at a rate of 22 percent. One primary reason for this rapid growth will be the increased number of individuals entering the elderly population” (Industry Growth). Lewis further notes that The National Care Planning Council states nursing homes provide cost effective ways for patient treatment and care. Besides benefit for the community, the organization will benefit from this population growth financially whiles providing a much needed worthy cause. The addiction of this new facility would also bring in more funders, grants, supporters and advocates to help fund and assist the organization to better service the community.
Bernadette: Introduction
This should be the explanation of what we are trying to accomplish within our paper as well as the power point.
Bernadette: The effects of our organizational structure and communication: 1. What is our organization structure? 2. What is our communication style? A. Communication methods for managers within our organization: 1. What is the communication approach with other areas of management, staff and patients? 2. The importance of our communication method. 3. What are the internal and external relationships that are considered?
Jesseca( who is going to take this part?): Strategies and methods needed to influence…...

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