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Business Form Number of Owners? Are Owners Liable for the firm’s debt? Do Owners manage the firm? Does an Ownership change dissolve the firm? Access to Capital Taxation
Sole Proprietorship One Yes Yes, in a sole proprietorship the owner manages all aspects of the business. No, Not always, once the change in ownership, the owner can change the decisions pertaining to the goal of the company and the gp's will have to make that change in direction for the new owner. Many lenders are hesitant to provide financing to owners of sole proprietorships partially due to fear about their ability to recover the funds should the owner die or become disabled. Lenders who make such loans require borrowers to provide personal guaranties on the loan. Since a sole proprietorship is one owner and if that owner needs access to capital they will be responsible for backing the loan with their personal finances. If an individual has bad debt and decides to file bankruptcy then the business loan will be affected. Banks and other lending institutions are aware that such scenarios occur, and they plan accordingly. Personal Taxes
General Partnership Two or more principal owners/managers or entities; who are co-owners/co-managers that share in the profits of the business operation. Yes, All partners are responsible for any debts which the partnership may incur. If debts are not paid, the creditors may seek to recoup their losses by going after the partner’s personal assets. All partners have unlimited management.

No, A change in Ownership of a Sole Proprietorship Business does not always have to dissolve the firm. If the new owner(s) are family members and wanted to purchase the business from another family member that would like to carrier on the family business while the other family members retire. Capital may be obtained through debt (borrowed money, commercial lender, or…...

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...Midterm Before listing the stages of team development I believe it’s important to understand the dynamics of a team. Every group has its own standards of behavior which ultimately brings both culture and cohesion to the group, furthermore, the stages of team development which entails Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning are structured in a sequential to ensure a team is operating effectively with maximum productiveness. These stages as explained by psychologist Bruce Tuckman are the stages in which people go through as they form bonds with each other and work together effectively. In the Forming stage team members make a effort to get to know each other and bounce ideas off one another on how to construct the team in able to reach the overall goal.The Storming stage individuals in the team push the boundaries of conflict with in the group, the boundaries are showing mostly in strong opinions of personal contribution. In Norming stage the groups members began to push pass their differences and began to build upon each others strengths on composite for weaknesses. The performing stage which revolves around the groups ability to accomplish tasks without friction. Finally the Adjourning covers the lessons learned upon the completion of the teams goal. I believe that my team never made it out of the storming stages, and I believe the onset of this was partially to bad timing and scheduling. The Gantt Chart is a visual representation of a......

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