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Technology is very important today. Believes or not our lives are now surrounded by technology. Try think how would you cook your food? Would you use a microwave? How would you eat your food? Do you think you could use a plastic cup to drink your milk? How would you go from one city to the next? Could you get on a train or would you have to walk or ride a horse? How would you send a message to your mom telling her you’ll be late for dinner? Can you email her or call her on your cell phone? How would you get your clothes? Can you shop at a 21st century mall, or on the internet? And what would your clothes be made of?

Many of the items you use today are a result of technology. Your cell phone, microwave oven, washing machine, and plastic cup are all the result of scientific discoveries combined with engineering that have allow people to invent products that have improved the way people live. Technological advances have improved our health, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, how we travel, and how we communicate with one another. There are a few drawbacks to some aspects of technology (such as pollution) but overall technology has greatly improved many aspects of living for most people. So, try to think about how people live without the technology today.


Technology started far earlier than engineering and science since the time of the pre-civilization. Early humans created technologies life such as artefacts simple tool knife, spear points, arrow, stone mill, wedges, and axes of stone to help them live. Other important technological advance is the use of controlled fire, making clothing and daily use tool.…...

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