Tears of Joy

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The Tears of Joy

In Kate Chopin, The Story of an Hour Louise Mallard is given the news about the death of her husband Brently Mallard. Because Mrs. Millard had a fragile heart, her sister Josephine was hesitant in breaking the news of her husband's death. Her husband friend Richard who had been in the newspaper office when news of the railroad disaster was received was near her.

After Louise is given the news of her husband death she began to cry in her sister arms. The reason for Louise’s crying is that she is now a free woman and she can get a chance to do some of the things she missed out on. When Louise’s heard the news about her husband’s she goes in her room and sit in a roomy arm chair that reaches her body and soul. Louise gets the feeling with her husband death she can begin a new life. After Louise gets over her husband’s death, she mentions that there will be no one to live for her doing those coming years; she would live for herself.

Josephine is the one who tells Louise about Brently’s death. When Josephine tells her sister about her husband death she tries to break it to Louise as simple as possible because of her frail condition. Because Josephine is a very caring person who does not want her sister to suffer she kneels at the closed door because she thinks Louise is going to make herself ill. Little do Josephine know that Louise feel that she has newfound freedom that she did not enjoy before.

When Richard who is Brently Mallard’s friend hears about the accident he waits to get a second telegram to assure himself of its truth. While Richard is waiting for Josephine and Mrs. Millard at the bottom of the stairs Mr. Mallard enters the house. Richard tries to screen Mr. Mallard from the view of his wife but he is too late to save her life. When the doctors came they said she had died of…...

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