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Technology in Education
Virginia Calhoun
June 17, 2012
Paula Lohmen

Technology in Education

Technology was originally designed to make life easier for humans. It has provides a new way for students to learn. The use of technology and its media in education has enhanced a way for students to lean and can make the learning experience fun. There are many aids available to allow teachers to find ways to cater for the needs of all the different types of learners in their classroom.
Different types of technology that can be used in the classroom would be; computers, projectors, smart boards, televisions and cameras. With using a computer you have many different programs you can use, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, also you have Internet Explorer.
Microsoft word is a word processing program that is used by students in class to create, edit, save, view and print research assignments along with other documents. PowerPoint is a presentation software program that allows you to easily customize your presentations into slide shows, photo albums, web pages and more that is widely used in classrooms. Excel allows students to prepare charts and diagrams that can be used to explain complicated concepts, get the student motivated, and review progress. These diagrams and charts are pictorial representations of the information; both are used to communicate visually and both try to simplify the information that the student is conveying. The internet is the most popular way for researching today. You can find anything on the internet. It helps students with assignments and research papers. It is a gateway to international and local communication.
Technology that helps with visuals would be projectors, televisions, smart boards, and cameras. Projectors make teaching and learning more diversified and interactive.
They are…...

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