Temple of Olympian Zeus and Cathedral of Notre Dame

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Temple of Olympian Zeus and Cathedral of Notre Dame
Esther De La Torre
May 8. 2013
Christa Menninger

Temple of Olympian Zeus and Cathedral of Notre Dame

The Classical Greek temple chosen was Temple Of Olympian Zeus because of its unique way of overdrawing emotions of the people. Cathedral of Notre Dame is the Gothic Cathedral that symbolizes peace, Respect, and sanity (Sporre, 2013). This paper will be discussing about both architecture on when, how, and why they exist. They were chosen because of their uniqueness and style. The temple of Olympian Zeus was started in 174 B.C.E through 130 B.C it took about 700 years and still unfinished because the classic Greeks believed that it was too large and represented the pride of people who were at the same level of God. They build 104 Columns today only 15 of the columns are left a storm in 1852 tore them down but they stood up for all those centuries (Gonzalez, 2000). According to Sporre (2013), the creation of this Architecture was to give the people a peace of mind a thought of liberty for the people in the city. A recognized characteristic is that it they build two arches and a gateway to tribute the Hadrian’s in the sanctuary in 131C.E (Welcome to the Athens, 2009).
Some of the innovations of the Temple of Olympian Zeus are Acropulis is seen right though the Temple, Hadrian’s Arch in the back, and the columns are 56 feet high (Gonzalez, 2000). A gold engraved statue of the God of Zeus inside the Temple Hadrian’s but since the storm it is now destroyed (Athens Greece Guide, n.d).
The Cathedral of North Dame was built on October 12, 1160 which Maurice de Sully the bishop of Paris was elected (Cathedrale Notre Dame De Paris, n.d). The architecture of this Cathedral is separated in two parts the Eastern and western side with two bells in the main Hall. There are a total of five bells one grand bell…...

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