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1. Do you currently have a working mobile or cell phone, or not? * Yes, I do * No, I do not

2. Do you currently have an account with a mobile or cell phone service provider, or not? * Yes, I do * No, I do not

3. Which of the following mobile or cell phone service providers do you use? (Please select all that apply.) * AT&T * Boost Mobile * Cricket * Ultra Mobile * MetroPCS * Sprint * T-Mobile * Trac-Fone * U.S. Cellular * Verizon Wireless * Simple Mobile * Virgin Mobile * I do not have a cell phone * My cell phone service provider is not listed above
4. How many working mobile or cell phones do you currently have?

5. In a typical weekday, do you use your mobile or cell phone most often for work, for personal reasons, or about an equal amount on both? * Much more often for work * Somewhat more often for work * Slightly more often for work * About an equal amount for work and personal reasons * Slightly more often for personal reasons * Somewhat more often for personal reasons * Much more often for personal reasons

6. In a typical weekday, about how much time, in total, do you spend using your mobile or cell phone? * Hours * Minutes 7. In a typical month, about how much money, in U.S. dollars, do you spend on your cable service?

8. Which of the following activities do you do on your mobile or cell phone? (Check all that apply)

Purchase products or services

Record videos

Send or receive emails

Make or receive phone calls

Play videos (other than video games)

Send or receive videos

Send or receive photos

Play podcasts

Take photos

Send or receive instant messages

Play music

Send or receive texts

Play games

General internet use (other than using social networking websites)

Use social…...

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