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They say I say essay
IS IT CHEATING? If you could spend a couple hundred dollars to get noticed by that girl who otherwise wouldn't give u the time of day would you? Or for those of you who aren't exactly a spring chicken anymore, what would you pay to feel and look better than you did in your prime? What about you gym Junkies that spend hundreds of dollars on supplements protein powders and gym memberships but you can't get anywhere. At least anywhere close to any goal you've ever set for yourself. And you're definitely not anywhere close to having the body you want. what would you be willing to sacrifice or pay? All these things can be achieved with a simple injection a couple times a week for a couple months. For those of you who can't handle needles there's a pill. You guessed it steroids. Steroids have been given a bad reputation. Mostly due to overuse and abuse. Steroids can do amazing things if properly used. Let’s be honest. Fair amounts of us are doing far more damage to our livers consuming alcohol, Friday nights. This damage is far more than a healthy bodybuilder who eats good and exercises could possibly be doing with his use of an oral­based substance. Besides, the liver is the fastest repairing organ in the human body, so even if you did some minimal damage with an oral steroid, a little liver cleanse from your local GNC will have you good as new in no time. What makes me mad is anytime I hear anything about steroids all I hear is crap. People that haven't taken any time to do any research of their own. For example, I've heard so many people say steroids make your penis shrink. Ok, now this is a false statement. It doesn’t make your penis shrink it makes your testicles shrink, so let’s get that straight. It’s called testicular atrophy, not
“peniscular atrophy,” and let’s…...

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