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The AfterLife

SURVEY: Have any of you actually thought about where you would go when you die? _Yes, all the time _Yes, but not often _No _I really just don’t care Do you believe in an Afterlife?
If yes, please explain why and/or what you believe it is like.

Regardless of your answer to the previous question; Do you believe in the Supernatural? Such as ghosts, spirits, demons, angels, poltergeist etc.?
If yes, please explain why and what you believe in, as far as the supernatural occurrences and experiences are concerned. Have you ever witnessed any supernatural occurrences? If yes, please explain.










OPINION/BELIEFS/ARGUMENT: The Afterlife does exist; although it may vary on different points depending on each individual who experiences it. Some first hand and others may witness another individual’s experience in some way. Whether it’s through spiritual (feeling) means or physical means (apparition).

SUPPORTING EVIDENCE: Why are my beliefs valid?

The Afterlife: a pretty broad and potentially complicated idea for most people. It has many different sub-topics within it. So if one were to talk about it and try to explain the concept to someone else, where would they begin? Perhaps they could start with the different religious beliefs and ideas of a Heaven, or place of paradise, and its alternative, Hell, or place of eternal suffering and damnation, perhaps even Limbo? Now what is that exactly; a place of judgment,…...

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