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I chose to write about the Alamo because I watched this movie when I was younger and wanted to watch it again now that I have a better perspective on the history that took place in the Battle for the Alamo. The movie takes place in San Antonio in early 1836, 6,000 Mexicans marched to The Alamo to fight a group of patriots of 187 strong; they were led by Colonel William B. Travis. During the 10 days of fighting, the Mexicans fought and fired their cannons until they were able to climb over the walls of The Alamo., to defeat the patriots. Among the dead were frontiersmen Davy Crockett and the Bowie brothers. This paper will explain how John Hancock interprets the history of the Alamo, along with the characterization of William B. Travis, Davy Crockett, and Jim Bowie and finally the cinematography of the movie of the story of the Alamo.
Colonel William B. Travis was a main character of the Movie. Travis was commissioned as a lieutenant colonel of the Legion of Cavalry and became the chief recruiting officer for a new regular Texan army. Governor Henry Smith ordered Travis to raise a company of professional soldiers to reinforce the Texans under James C. Neill at the Alamo Mission in San Antonio. On February 3, Travis arrived in San Antonio with eighteen regulars as reinforcements. A compromise was reached between Bowie and Travis for command of the Alamo; with Bowie in command the volunteers and Travis in command of the regulars. When Bowie's health began to fail, it became a moot point and Travis became the official commander of the Alamo men.
On February 24, 1836 Colonel Travis wrote a letter requesting aid to all the people of Texas and all Americans. It was carried to Gonzales by Captain Albert Martin, his letter explained the difficulty him and his men were having defending The Alamo against Santa Anna and his men. At the end of the letter he explains…...

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