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Sports overall targets your child; approach to learn; ability to think, communicate; physical well-being; and social development. The social development aspect of adolescent development targets kids particular abilities to make, build, and sustain relationships with adults and peers. Through sporting activities your children will acknowledge and accept their feelings which will allow them to express their feelings a lot more successfully to you about situation they may go through, but in the process they will be able to grasp and answer the emotions of other kids. As parents you want to be involved in your child sporting activities but not too involved to the point you’re a pushy parent. Expectations should be put on their behavior in a sense of how they behave towards others. That kind of expectation is a good expectation because ultimately you want them to have fun but at the same time you want them to develop social skills that will instill positive interaction and respect for their peers. Give some decision-making responsibilities; let your child experience the luxury of sports and reinforce boundaries and rules when it’s necessary (Holt, N. L., & Black, D. E, 2007). Don’t force perfection or put your expectations on to their performance, especially in the team atmosphere because due to parent’s lack of encouragement, many times children lose confidence in themselves, then resent you because they’re uncertain of their identity and capabilities to compete; which would cause them to lose hope and possibly give up. This will come from forcibly pushing them beyond their potential. Being a great parent supporter is a beautiful gift to give or try to give your child because sooner or later they (girl/boy) will realize how much they appreciate you as a parent as well as a supporter. Children love to explore their options when it comes to sports so if they want to…...

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