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The Best Strategies and Methods to Insure That a Business Succeeds in This Sluggish Economy
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The best strategies and methods to insure that a business succeeds in this sluggish economy
In these hard times businesses have failed miserably. A lot of Small businesses are having a hard time staying afloat in this sluggish economy. Small businesses don’t have the luxury of finances that the big businesses do . “ Just because the economy is sluggish doesn’t mean people aren’t still buying—they are just more cautious with the money they are spending” (Clements, 2010). As the economy gets worse business have to find ways to survive by cutting back and also by being efficient and effective. During these tough times business owners have to come up with a plan and brainstorm. The best strategies to keep a business going in this sluggish economy are to contact new and old clients, check weekly business publications for new events or meeting and send out blast emails, and be creative. “When employees and employers, even coworkers, have a commitment to one another, everyone benefits” (Glass, 2011). Always stay in contact with your old customers. Go all out and pamper your clients. Keeping in contact with your clients will help the business stay afloat. Provide your customers with great service so that they will keep coming back ” (Clements, 2010). While providing your old clients with great service this will lead to new business because you’re old customers will bring in new customers and their families. It’s very important to hold on to the loyal employees of the business, because well trained and high quality employees are hard to find and this will help the revenue of the business. Contacting old customers will help the business continue by asking what are their needs and wants. By asking these questions customers will feel the need to…...

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