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Around the world there are thousands of different animals. Some of them are very dangerous, some become endangered species. Endangered species means a type of animal that will likely become extinct. Extinction of animals is a dangerous problem impacting on our life in the long term, so we must protect them because they are part of our life system. We can do many things to protect endangered species; for example, saving wildlife habitat and joining a conservation organization. Although there is many ways to protect the animals, the most important way is how we ensure our next generation plays a strong role in this issue, which I will discuss below.
As teachers and parents we have to encourage our students to protect the animals. We can make a trip to a zoo or start a research project to explain to our students why we have to save the animals by showing a specific example, such as the tiger. Then, we need to give them statistics to demonstrate the threat to tiger populations. According to National Geographic writer Caroline Alexander (2014) In Asia’s 13 tiger countries, there are less than 4000 tigers dispersed among them. (Alexander 2014). Although the author traveled to many tiger habitats in Asia, like remote forests, tropical woodlands and mangrove swamps, she never saw a tiger because of the animal’s “legendarily secretive nature”. However, the other reason for not see tigers is that tiger landscapes don't have many tigers (Alexander, 2014). Also, she said that people who have survived a tiger attack say that it “came from nowhere” (Alexander, 2014). Studying the danger of the extinction tigers will encourage young people to understand how tigers impact our life and what the consequence will be when the tiger is extinct.
The most significant way to involve our children in saving animals is by using technology because children love technology. We can put some…...

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