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Part A 1. What is required to implement an organizations commitment to social responsibility?
What are the main obstacles to implementing socially responsible policies?
Name specifications that can be taken toward increased social responsibility. Managers can use the social audit to assess corporate social responsibility. The social audit allows management to evaluate the success or lack of success of programs resulting in the improvement of social performance. The information attained with a social audit can be used to plan and implement socially responsible practices and policies. The essence of the challenge is balancing a company’s bottom line against social responsibilities and effective approaches to environmental protection. Organizations should also examine their values to make sure they are in tune with society value. The obstacles in implementing social responsible policies includes the pressure from financial analysts and stock holders who push for steady increases in earnings on a quarterly basis. An example of social responsibility is increased diversity in the work place. As well as contributions of time and money to charitable, cultural, and civic organizations. Environmental awareness is another way companies demonstrate their sense of social responsibility by limiting the damage their operations cause to the environment.

2. What is departmentalization?
Departmentalization is the grouping of jobs into related work units.
Explain departmentalization based on work, products, geography, and customers. Provide an example of each. Work function occurs when organization units are defined by the nature of the work. Although different terms mat be used, the four basic functions…...

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