The Challenges of Trust Management

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The Challenges of Trust Management Your Name CMGT/430 July 10, 2011

Distributed Trust Management
What is distributed trust management? Why do business-to-business (B2B) companies like EBay and PayPal have such profitable success with online transactions? Do people trust business-to-consumer (B2C) methods? Have intra-enterprise applications matured to the level of satisfaction that company executives come to expect? These questions are at the forefront of consumers and business minds alike. This paper will focus on the ideas and cornerstones that inter-organizational companies rely upon; namely, trust. All of these questions boil down to trust and the business models we, as a community, have come to expect. The definition of trust, as it relates to the enterprise, is explained this way: A type of expectation that alleviates the fear that one’s exchange partner will act opportunistically (Aoyama & Ratick, 2007). Ratnasingam & Phan define trust as “A psychological trait found in trading partners who are willing to pursue relationships or interdependencies to achieve a planned goal” (Ratnasingam & Phan, 2003). Trust within the business realm becomes something that is taken for granted if there are no checks and balances between both organizations. One has to be careful not to abuse the trust given to a specific company like Cisco Systems or Amazon. Maintaining a competitive and working relationship is paramount to the success of online businesses like PayPal and Amazon. These companies rose up from the dotcom balloon burst to take the world by storm. One way they were could gain such vast popularity is through online transactions.
Online transactions helped smaller businesses gain a foothold and obtain storefront advertising via companies like Google and Amazon. These companies, in turn, used secure online…...

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