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Compose a 200- to 300-word response to the following: The Community Services Code of Ethics in Appendix A of Ethical Leadership in Human Services states, “Whatever your personal feelings about the justice and appropriateness of particular laws, all board members, staff, and volunteers are to obey all laws in the performance of their work on behalf of Community Services.” Why do you think this instruction is necessary? What does it tell you about the relationship between law and ethics?
In the statement from appendix A of Ethical leadership in human service that states whatever your personal feelings about the justice4 and appropriateness of particular laws, and all board member, staff and volunteers are to obey all laws in the performance of their work on a behalf of the community services, the instruction is necessary because so people might not follow the rules when they are in place and do more harm than good and not even realize it. The rules are put there for a reason to help keep everyone and the company or program safe from getting hurt or sued. About 99% of rules are put in place because someone at so time did not follow it and something happen that had a negative conquence. So then the company or program would put this rule in place. The relationship between the law and the ethics is that you have to leave your feeling about things at the door. The reason that I say this is because when you bring your feelings to work it can impair your judgment that you need to service the people that you are trying to help. When this happens you are not giving the best service that you can give.

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