The Doings of Death and All the Above

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...Essay about Death by Scrabble An essay about the short story by Charlie Fish Link: The story is made by Charlie Fish in 2006 and is called “Death by Scrabble”, it’s about a husband and wife who play Scrabble. The husband feels that all they ever do is play Scrabble. The husband tells the story, in a way so you can read what he is thinking in the text. The husband is 42 years old, and has a lot of problems with his wife. He feels bored all around the clock. He doesn’t’ really speak to other people than his wife, and that irritates him. Already in the start of the story, you can read that the husband hates his wife because he say, “It’s a hot day and I hat my wife”. I think he feels like that because all the ever do I sit around home, play Scrabble and drink tea. He feels bored and wants to do something else, just anything than sitting and playing Scrabble. He wants to come out and meet new people, and going on adventures, for example he says in the story “If she wasn’t around, I’d be doing something interesting right now. I’d be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. I’d be starring in the latest Hollywood blockbusters.” That really shows how he is felling about playing, with his boring wife. Not only does he hate his wife, but also he wants to kill her, because everything she does is annoying him. He says in the text after they have played Scrabble, for a little while “If only I had D, then I could play MURDER.......

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...Above the Law: An Executive’s Double Standard – Fraudulent Use of Corporate Funds Traditionally, the positive image of a company or a brand is very important in the contemporary world. As a result, the question of morality of each individual working within an organization is of a paramount importance. In such a situation there should be no exceptions from the rule and executives could not be in a privileged position. This is the desirable ideal many companies strive to achieve at least in a public eye. However, the reality turns to be quite different from what is expected and the analyzed case of an executive’s double standard is just another evidence of the fact that the real life is so complicated that the common rules, including moral and ethical ones, cannot fully regulate it and often it is necessary to make very difficult decisions getting through double standards. In fact the case of Jack who revealed the fraudulent use of corporate funds by one of the veterans of BMI, Troy Sozuko, seems to be not an exception and the dilemma he has to solve, being quite complicated, is a typical case of double standards existing not only within the whole company but also on the personal level. It is obvious that Troy Sozuko really violated not only legal but also moral norms since he simply used corporate funds for his personal purposes and his gift was perfectly proved by Jack’s investigation. Moreover, it should be said that the executive’s gift is evident also because a thorough......

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