The Effectiveness of Community Based Targeting in Social Assistance Grant for Empowerment Beneficiary Selection

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1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background
Social transfers are increasingly seen as a key tool in Eastern and Southern Africa to combat the triple threat of chronic poverty, hunger and HIV/AIDS (Hyper & Veras, 2012).Social transfers have over the years been the main focus for most aid organisation and multilateral agencies in transferring aid and support to developing countries. These social transfers take the form of cash or in-kind transfer. They are also in form of conditional and unconditional social transfers.
According to World Bank, Cash transfers are defined as the provision of assistance in the form of cash to the poor or to those who face a probable risk of falling into poverty in the absence of the transfer.
In Africa, these cash transfer programme are being used as a means to fight and eradicate poverty. These programme target different categories of vulnerable groups such as; elderly persons, children, orphans, women, widows and people with disability. In Africa cash transfer programmes are being implemented in Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe to mention but a few. Modest but regular and predictable income transfers helps households to smooth consumption and sustain spending on food, schooling and healthcare in lean periods without the need to sell assets or take on debt (DFID, 2011).
Uganda is implementing a non-conditional cash transfer programme called Senior Citizens Grant in 15 districts (Kiboga, Kaberamaido, Kyenjojo, Katakwi, Apac,Nebbi, Zombo, Moroto, Amudat, Nakapiripit, Napak, Kole, Kyegegwa,…...

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