The Flood of 2008

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The Flood of 2008 June 7, 2008 was a day like no other that Columbus, Indiana residents could recall. Torrential showers inundated the area with 10 inches of rain onto already saturated ground. This event would forever change the lives of hundreds of citizens of this small central Indiana town. The flood caused an estimated $180 million in damage to Bartholomew County homes and businesses, many of them in Columbus (McLaughlin, 2010). This piece details the response efforts of citizens, as well as local, state, and federal agencies. This paper includes the personal account of a law enforcement officer who, working alongside fellow officers, citizens, and business owners, responded to a flash flood that has since been referred to as the hundred year flood. Also included is the recollection of a flood survivor who nearly lost everything he owned. In addition, preventive measures which were in place in the event of such a disaster are evaluated, as are mitigation efforts that are currently coming to fruition. The flooding occurred at such a fast pace there was no time to prepare and there was little, if any, warning for the citizens of Columbus. Even the staff of the Columbus Police Department were unprepared as their building was…...

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