The Four P's of Marketing

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Kilya Simmons Business 105 Unit 3
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This essay will explain about the four P’s of marketing. The four P’s will give different demeanors in marketing when the business has to take in considerateness and sustain when products are put out. It will also indicate how clothing and the connection to the four P’s in marketing have some similarities.

There are four P’s of marketing that gives insights on how to market your business and products. They are structured to support each other. They are price, product, promotion, and place.

Price is one of the strategies in marketing. It can be challenge because you can easily change the price instead of the product. Some prices are set at a high price to skim the customers and influence them like the products are good quality. The reasons why they are discounted below market value so they can out beat their competitors. Some prices are set high to skim the customers and influence them like the products are good quality. Some customers have different views on pricing. They think the even numbers on prices mean it’s expensive. Pricing products to high can send customers to other competitors (Editorial Board, 2013).

Products should meet the needs of a customer in marketing. It refers to the goods and services you offer to your customers. The physical product itself can be challenge for marketers because of the way it is packaged. With its new look, quality, features, rewards, it gives competitors a challenge to consider a change. There are products that buyers can receive with more benefits, good value, and reasonable to cost (Editorial Board 2013).

Promotion is an activity to raise awareness of a product or to…...

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...UNIVERSITY OF BALLARAT FACULTY OF BUSINESS, ENVIRONMENT & SOCIETY MASTER IN BUSINESS ADMINSTRATION MARKETING COURSEWORK MARKETING MIX OF TIGER BEER STUDENT NAME : ARORA SAURABH STUDENT ID NUMBER : G1136238P LECTURER : THAM YUEN HOI Declaration of originality This is to certify that the work is entirely my own and not of any other person, unless explicitly acknowledged (including citation of published and unpublished sources). The work has not previously been submitted in any form to the University of Ballarat or to any other institution for assessment for any other purpose. Signed _________________________________________________ Date ___________________________________________________ Word Count - Number of Pages: 15 - Number of Words: 2361 * Exclude Cover Page * Exclude Reference list Table of Contents 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2 1.1 Introductory Sentence 2 Tiger Beer Product 2 1.2 Major Findings 2 1.3 Major Recommendation 3 1.3.1 Use its resources to increase the quality of their product 3 1.3.2 Reducing hangover percentage for consumer 3 2 Introduction 4 2.1 Background 4 2.2 Purpose 4 3 Description and the evaluation of the 4Ps 5 3.1 Description of Tiger Beer 5 3.2 Product 6 3.2.1 Tiger Beer Crystal 6 3.2.2 Tiger......

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