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To start the mise-en-scene is used in a way that helps encourage the “uncomfortable” feeling most audience. The scene where Jeffery is hiding in the closet because Frank came was very unusual. To begin the closet itself was very cluttered and naturally this gives a very unpleasant feeling as he watches Dorthy being handled by Frank. Then in the main room everything was placed so closely around Dorthy which was odd because of what they were doing. In short, the placement of the objects surrounding the actors and actress contributed to the uneasy feeling Lynch created from the beginning of the movie.
This leads me to my next point, while watching the movie I realized the deviation of the lighting created an abnormal field also. Why is it when Jeffery is walking up the stairs it is dark and gloomy, and then the Blue Velvet-esc music started playing? The abnormal lighting made it seem as if something bad was going to occur, how ever then the romatic music would start playing. I believe the mix of feelings from both technique is what is responsible for creating the uneasy feeling. Also, the editing that lead to the closet scene made it feel like Frank was going to murder Dorthy. They cut off nervous Jeffery, which the light from the cracks gleaming on his face and switched to Dorthy who at some point seemed to be enjoying Frank terrorizing her. This amplified the feeling Lynch was going for in my opinion.
According to screen naturalism contributed to the ‘unbinding from a narrative setting, which unbound the movie from social, moral and physical disintegration. Various scenes were able to capture the unraveling of social and more disintegration. Jeffery who seemed to be a decent guy, all of a sudden felt bound to Dorthy who was already in her relationship. Instead of helping her from the beginning, he colludes with her against Frank temporarily becoming…...

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