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The Heist
By Hemant Kumar
Rachel gently placed down the pile of firewood by the fireplace. She was exhausted it was the third pile of she had to chop and bring in today. She sat down for a second her muscles aced, she needed to get back to it, before her mistress came in. She stood up straight and yawned it was already 5:30. She went into the kitchen and fetched the teapot and made some tea. The water slowly turned brown like waiting for the sun to rise. She looked at her dark brown skin If only she were white. She would have her own personal slave a big white house, get to eat real food and get to taste tea! As the water finally turned dark brown she poured it into the teapot. She set out the teacups the sugar on one tray and brought it out as her owner Sarah and her master Sir John sat down. They both took a teacup and put sugar in the tea.
Rachel looked into the deep brown of the tea in sir john’s cup. Rachel smelled the delicious taste that was longing to be brought to her lips. Her hands went out to take the cup but snapped back in when Mistress Sarah yelled, “Stop at once! You fool! Tea is only for civilized human beings! Not a negro like you!” Rachel set the pot of tea by Sir John and ran out into the fields where her mother was picking cotton with a few other Africans. She spotted her mother and hugged her.
“What’s happened?” asked her mother stroking her braids. “Oh Mother!” said Rachel wrapping her arms even tighter around her.
“Rachel!” yelled Sir John.
“Go child” said her mother. “I’ll be right here”
Rachel ran toward the front door.
“A slave owner is here to have a look at you” said Sir John pushing her into the house. Rachel’s heart skipped a beat. She held back her tears The slave owner was sure to take her away from her mother and papa and little Noel who was only eight months old. She would be thrown on a ship and would be taken somewhere…...

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