The Human Stops

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The Human Stops Technology has always been part of human lives. The renaissance was the first time society began to praise knowledge, which led technology on an advancing path. Today our view of the world evolves as technology does and allows us to interact with each other like never before. As with advances, society has begun to take notice of how close technology is to them. In 1928 E.M. Forster describes a dystopian society controlled by technology. Although this new world is free from evil, their technology known as “the machine” also rids humans of will because everything is done for them. Many aspects of the story are a reality or have begun to surface which brings concern to society. Machines affect the world’s economy, population, and even human behavior. As we point out the imperfections of mankind we give more power to the machines but how far are are humans willing to go? Albert Einstein once said ,“I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity.” (Calaprice) If he were still alive he might see that day has long passed.
According to Forster, the relationship between technology and mankind is becoming closer and closer. Hence, this imaginary world might possibly be a reflection of our current society. In Forster's story, people lived under the surface of the earth in isolation rendering face to face communication a distant memory. Reasoning that all necessities were provided for them, they felt no need to disconnect from this dependence. Such a dependence is very real today. Technology now is a concept that we cannot survive without. The average person uses technology, to eat, cook, and work at their jobs because since their creation it has been used as a tool of productivity. However technology can also have negative side effects on our behavior. Children are growing up in a world where everything can be done in their…...

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