The Hurts in Racism

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The hurts in Racism

Racism is like a disease, an epidemic that afflicts people to varying degrees. Some suffer from acute racism; others suffer from moderate racism and mild racism.

Vanessa and Helen being both African-Americans suffered a kind of racism. Vanessa suffered mild racism while Helen suffered an acute one.

In Vanessa’s presentation, she expressed that research on stereotypes has shown that black American women are viewed as being lazy, and live on welfare. This is not the case for everyone as this does not describe her. She grew up in a middle class family.

These stereotypes certainly still exist. It is no surprise that, the GOP presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, speaking on African-Americans and welfare benefits, recently declared (and later denied) that “I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money; I want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn the money.” The NAACP blasted Santorum for “inaccurate and outrageous” remarks that “lifts up old race-based stereotypes about public assistance.”

On the other hand, Helen suffered racism in the school system by the inappropriate card that was passed around the school. She failed to keep quiet and voiced her concerns about the negative perception of her race. Traumatized by this experience she decided to leave the teaching job that she loves. She lost her trust and hope in the school system. This also brought memories of her father’s negative experience with the school system.

When Vanessa received mixed messages about furthering her education, she resolved to go to school for herself and not for anybody. She was not concerned about what people thought about her educational attainment.

We should not be concerned about what people say or think. You cannot run or hide from racism when it arises, you have to confront it. You do not…...

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